Commercial Tenant and Landlord Disputes


When a commercial tenant signs a lease for their new building, both they and the landlord have certain expectations of each other’s part in the process, which should be detailed in the lease. Unfortunately, all too often business owners venture into the process blindly and do not consult with a lawyer or a commercial real estate agent before agreeing to the terms.

While both parties may believe that the other will uphold their end of the bargain and deal with them fairly, this is simply not the case all of the time. Commercial tenant and landlord disputes can arise out of a poorly written lease or if a landlord takes advantage of their tenant in a manner not expressly outlined within the lease.

Has your landlord charged you unreasonable late fees, failed to maintain the unit or otherwise taken advantage of the terms of your lease? If so, seeking legal representation can be the best way to protect your rights and recover compensation for the damages you and your business incurred.

The commercial property lawyers of Arguello, Hope & Associates know how difficult it can be to fight a landlord who has control over your place of business. We can be the ally you need to defend your rights and fight for the MAXIMUM amount of compensation due to you from your claim.

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Texas Commercial Tenant Rights

Under Texas law, tenants bound by commercial leases maintain certain rights to ensure their protection. Unfortunately, sometimes landlords take advantage of loopholes or issues that were not disclosed in the lease, which can leave the commercial tenant feeling powerless and frustrated with their situation.

Recently, many tenants in Texas have been faced with exorbitant, unreasonable fees for late rent payments. If this has happened to you, you are encouraged to seek legal advice.

The following applies to the rights of commercial tenants in Texas:

  • Landlords must maintain or repair the property so it is fit to be used- after 90 days of not doing so, the lease can be terminated
  • Landlords are responsible for common area and elevator maintenance
  • Full fire insurance and extended coverage insurance must be held by the landlord
  • If utilities are to be paid by the landlord they must be paid directly to providers

It is crucial to understand what is contained within the lease, including any addendums that were signed. Make sure to keep an easily accessible copy of your lease agreement for reference in the event a dispute arises. Additionally, contacting an attorney with knowledge of the Texas commercial property litigation climate can help you understand what rights you may have in the situation.

Common Commercial Landlord/ Tenant Disputes

Disagreements can arise over a number of issues even at any time during the life of the lease. While each scenario presents different circumstances, the following are some typical types of disputes between landlords and their tenants:

  • Missed or late rent payments
  • Overcharging rent
  • Exorbitant late fees
  • Breach of lease
  • Fixture or appliance damage repair
  • Common Area Maintenance (CAM)
  • Wrongful eviction
  • Damage to property
  • Failure to disclose fees
  • Refusal to return deposit
  • Partial return of deposit
  • Disallowing lease termination
  • Misrepresenting property conditions
  • …and many others.

As with many business contracts, a lease dispute is not an uncommon occurrence. The most important part of the process lies in protecting yourself and your business from unfair fees and wrongful eviction, which is why contacting a law firm early on can be the best deterrent for further injustice.

Disputes between commercial tenants and landlords can put a strain on the business’ ability to operate on a daily basis, which in turn will harm the well-being of the business owner and their loved ones. An experienced and compassionate attorney can guide you through the litigation process while you rest assured that your case is in good hands.

Our Houston TX Commercial Tenant Rights Lawyers are Here to Help

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