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A first party property insurance policy is an insurance coverage policy that provides financial compensation to the policy holder in the event of their property being damaged by any conditions that are included in the policy.

With the insurance industry rejecting thousands of property damages claims each year, it’s important for policy holders to ensure that their policy provides the type of coverage that they need in the event of their property being damaged and needing either repair or replacement as a result.

If you or someone you love has experienced property damage and their insurance company is not honoring their first party property insurance policy, the team of attorneys at Arguello, Hope and Associates can help to fight for your compensation.

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Common Causes of Property Damage

While property damage can occur in many different ways, there are some more-common reasons that can contribute to destroyed or unserviceable items.

Some of these include (but are not limited to):

In light of the above, it’s always a wise decision to ensure that these elements are included in your policy (if applicable) to ensure that in the event of such an occurrence, the policy holder will be financially covered by the policy.

Coverage Types of First Party Insurance

In an effort to consolidate the types of policies that are available, most insurance companies generally offer first party property insurance policies under two primary groups.

These groups are:

Commercial – as the name implies, a commercial first party property insurance policy provides coverage for damages that are incurred at a place of business. However, due to the various situations that many storefronts and businesses face every day, the details of these policies need to be carefully scrutinized in order to ensure that the policy applicant is getting a policy that meets their specific needs.

Some of the areas that a commercial policy will cover may include:

…. Just to name a few.

It’s important to note that despite a policy being issued to cover the requirements of an applicant, in many cases an insurance company will not pay the full amount of compensation that is required to replace damage property.

In these types of situations, an Arguello, Hope & Associates attorney can help to fight for that compensation.

Environmental – this type of policy usually provides financial coverage to the insured in the event of property being damaged due to environmental factors.

Some of these factors can include:

…. Just to name a few.

A common issue worth considering is that of policy pricing. Many applicants find that their insurance premiums can vary greatly depending on the location of their home or business. With this in mind, it’s a wise choice to look at all of your available insurance options, to ensure that you are receiving appropriate coverage at the most affordable price point.

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When dealing with insurance companies, many policy holders are not aware that the people on the other end of the line are trained and experienced in handling customers that are looking for financial compensation for their damages.

As the obligation of almost all insurance companies is to their shareholders first and their clients somewhere after that, many claims are simply rejected or underpaid, with the knowledge that most people will not argue with their decision.

However, it doesn’t need to have that outcome and we can help.

With decades of combined experience helping first party insurance victims throughout the United States, the attorneys at Arguello, Hope & Associates can provide the experience and resources to help fight for you MAXIMUM compensation.

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