Law and Ordinance Coverage

When homes are struck by disaster, homeowner’s insurance is there to help those affected by disaster rebuild their homes. However there are thousands of older buildings and homes in the United States, and each year building codes are updated which could make it difficult for a person to receive the compensation they need to reconstruct their damaged home.

Law and ordinance coverage can help homeowners get the coverage they need if their home was damaged and new building and fire codes are going to make the cost of repairs higher than expected. When a home needs repairs an application to the local building code department is likely sent, the department may reject the application if their standards have changed and thus an entire portion of the home needs to be replaced rather than just the damaged portion.

Law and ordinance coverage may help to cover these costs and will likely cover a predetermined amount as set forth by the policy that was chosen.

If you’re unsure of what type of laws are in your state or are questioning if this coverage is available to you or a loved one who experienced home damage, contact Arguello, Hope & Associates to assist you in understanding your homeowner’s insurance policy.

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What Is Covered?

Homeowner’s insurance can cover many different claims from lightning damage to wild fires to broken pipe damage. Using Law and Ordinance coverage can assist homeowner’s in covering:

  • The increased cost to repair or rebuild your home damage to meet current code.
  • The cost to demolish debris from the undamaged part of your home that has to be torn down. In some jurisdictions, ordinance laws may call on a partially damaged building to be totally demolished.
  • Loss of the value of the undamaged portion of a home that must be torn down or demolished to meet the building codes.

The increased cost of reconstruction may also include labor fees by architects or engineers who work on creating the new structure that will follow the up-to-date building codes.

Possible Causes of Damage

The damages that may occur in a home may be environmental or caused by other parties such as a vehicle smashing into the front door of a home.

Some common home damage causes include (but are not limited to):

The most recent law and ordinance coverage laws exclude damage caused by fungus, wet or dry rot, and bacteria and the costs associated with monitoring, cleaning, detoxifying, and disposing of these pollutants.

Many laws are also being enacted to control the rebuilding of damaged homes near earthquake faults and in places prone to tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.

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