Hurricane Damage Information

Hurricanes are amongst the most dangerous of natural disasters. Unfortunately, many of these storms come without adequate warning, leaving residents and homeowners unprepared to handle the massive damage that hurricanes typically cause. Property damage, loss of life, and bodily injuries are most typically associated with the high winds that come with a standard hurricane. In addition, hurricanes also cause serious flood damage, especially in regions near the coast.

Hurricane severity ranges by categories from category 1 hurricanes (minimal) through category 5 hurricanes (catastrophic). While each windstorm or hurricane may cause a different level of devastation, preparing through outlets such as hurricane damage insurance is essential for all homeowners and property owners. Protecting your property in the event that a natural disaster inflicts serious damages is made much easier with hurricane damage insurance. Unfortunately, insurance companies deny hurricane damage claims at an alarming rate.

Hurricane Ike caused a tremendous amount of damage to the Texas coast as well as many inland areas, displacing hundreds of thousands of people. Sadly, many also face the unexpected challenge of fighting with their insurance companies over business income losses and losses to their homes, commercial and personal property. If your home or business suffered hail, wind, flood, water or lightning damage due to a hurricane let the insurance claim attorneys at Arguello, Hope & Associates help you resolve your hurricane property insurance problems. Our hurricane damage insurance attorneys are prepared to fight for your fair settlement.

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Hurricane Damage

Delivering massive downpours of heavy rain, hurricanes have the capacity to truly change lives within moments. Affecting many inland homes, hurricanes dump significant damage upon anything in its path. For instance, a particularly massive storm may drop 15 inches of rain in a concentrated region within just 1 or 2 days. With such widespread, speedy storms, it is difficult to prepare or react in time to deter the effects of typical hurricane damage.

Each year, thousands of people suffer as a direct result of the damaging, devastating effects of hurricanes. This natural disaster destroys properties, causes serious injuries to those in its way, and may cause substantial financial loss. The following are the most damaging ways in which a hurricane can wreak havoc on a community:

  • Storm Surges: when low pressures combines with high waves and high winds, storm surges occur due to the rising sea level. Those stuck in a storm surge are at serious risk due to the massive flooding that typically occurs.
  • High Winds: when winds exceed 74 mph, a storm is classified as a hurricane. These high winds can cause a wide range of serious damages, particularly in regard to the wind’s ability to lift heavy items and send the flying through the air. These projectiles are incredibly hazardous.
  • Flooding: when a storm surge combines with heavy rainfall, massive flooding may ensue. Flooding often causes some of the most irreparable, devastating property damage.

Protecting a home from property damages due to severe hurricanes may be impossible. While hurricane shutters and all protective techniques are helpful, the most catastrophic of hurricanes will blow right through any sort of protective mechanism. As such, it is imperative to hurricane damage insurance. Without this protection for your home, you and your family will be left with a great deal of expenses associated with the hurricane damage.

If you have sustained a serious hurricane and are suffering from property damages, our insurance claim attorneys are here for you. We have years of experience in insurance claim litigation, making Arguello, Hope & Associates an excellent choice for your insurance claim needs.

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Hurricane Damage Insurance

Those homeowners with a mortgage will be required to carry some type of insurance. However, having homeowners insurance is a good idea for all and because there are so many different types of insurance policies, it is important to do proper research prior to purchasing a policy. In addition, the location of one’s home may alter the amount of coverage that they wish to get. For instance, those living inland but near coasts that are frequently struck by storms during hurricane season will likely want to purchase hurricane damage insurance that is broad and provides high levels of protection.

Homeowners insurance coverage pertaining to hurricane damage claims may be as follows:

  • Damage to the home
  • Damages to other structures (deck, garage, swimming pool, etc.)
  • Damage or losses in the contents of the home
  • Inhabitable homes
  • Third party personal liability
  • Third party medical payments

As such, when a natural disaster strikes and the homeowner has broad coverage, the insurance company will be held responsible for covering the costs of these damages. Unfortunately, however, this is often a difficult, frustrating process. Insurance companies will attempt to underpay and deny hurricane damage insurance claims, making it difficult to pay for the cost to repair any and all damage. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for those fighting with insurance companies to speak with an experienced insurance claims lawyer.

At Arguello, Hope & Associates, we handle denied and underpaid insurance claims for residents of Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, Arizona, and any state effected by a serious storm. If you have been wrongly denied by your insurance provider, we are here for you. Our skilled hurricane damage insurance claim attorneys will fight for your fair settlement.

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