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A statistic provided by the National Weather Service shows that there were a total of 1537 tornados, hail, and windstorms throughout Texas in 2011, of which, many individuals had to file home owners claims.

Here in Texas, we are prone to a great variety of different weather conditions from tornadoes, hail and winter storms, to hurricanes, flooding, and windstorms. Thus, our homes are put at an increased risk of sustaining some sort of damage, whereas other locations around the United States may not.

Of course, no matter where the location of your home, we would expect our home owners insurance to cover our home when we need it. However, many insurance agencies are violating the terms and conditions of the home owners policies, which are leaving dozens of individuals stranded for help with repairs.

If you are under suspicion that your insurance agency is acting under bad faith towards your home owner’s insurance claim, you may be eligible to file a claim for a breach of contract.  At Arguello, Hope & Associates, we believe that it is the responsibility of the insurance agency, which you are paying for coverage’s, to act in good faith and pay for the damages that were caused by different environmental factors.

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Types of Home Owner Claims

Over the past couple of years the lone star state has experienced an increase in natural disasters.  These disasters have in turn increased the number of losses home owners have been claiming, which leaves insurance agencies wondering what to do.  There are many different types of home owner’s claims, which have increased over the years. Our attorneys represent home and business owners that have sustained damage to their property, while insurance agencies are failing to pay for damages.

Some common home owner’s damage claims include:

As there are several different forms of insurance policies, the concept is always the same: the insured pays a premium, so if something catastrophic happens to their home of business, they are covered.  Unfortunately, many insurance agencies are refusing to pay for certain damages, which you may be paying for in your premium, this is considered to be a breach of contract.

Insurance Claim Disputes

As previously stated, it is becoming more common for insurance agencies to deny insurance claims, even though you may be paying a premium for certain coverage’s.  In some cases, insurance agencies will even send inspectors to your home or business in hopes of finding a loop hole where they can avoid paying for damages. Thus, there are many different forms of disputes filed against insurance agencies failing to pay for certain covered damages.

Some common insurance claim disputes include:

  • Denied homeowners insurance claims
  • Unfair insurance settlements
  • Disputes about damaged contents
  • Property depreciation disputes
  • Distribution of insurance payments

While the number of insurance disputes continues to raise, Arguello, Hope & Associates have stood our ground against insurance agencies acting in bad faith towards their paying customers.

Insurance Company Home Owner Claim Responses

When filing an insurance claim, it is critical to recognize what types of responses are valid and invalid of insurance agencies.  Insurance agencies will typically respond with a letter detailing what the coverage’s will or will not include. If you receive one of these letters which includes any of the following, it is advised to consult with an attorney.

Some common home owners claim responses include:

  • “No coverage for your loss”
  • “The circumstances of your loss fall within an exclusion of your policy”
  • “Your policy was canceled prior to the date of loss”
  • “This letter serves as a reservation of your rights to later deny coverage”
  • “Your claim has been denied due to the concealment of material facts”
  • “The terms of your policy require you to submit to an Examination Under Oath”
  • “Your policy has been declared void ab initio based on material misrepresentations in your application”
  • “The terms of your policy require you to provide us with documents we request”

If you have received any of these types of responses, it is advised to speak with one of our attorneys about your situation as soon as possible.

Keeping Track of Documents

It is always a great idea to have all of your home owners insurance claim and loss details organized and stored in one location.  This will be extremely helpful when they are needed and when it comes time to speak with a home owners claim adjuster or handler.

Some documents to keep organized include:

  • Customer name which appears on the policy
  • Insurance policy number
  • Insurance claim number
  • Insurance claim adjusters name, address, phone number and title
  • Insurance estimates, notes of conversation, emails, and letters in regards to the claim settlement

These documents will assist in speeding up the claim process, in addition to helping formulate a claim against an insurance agency in the court of law.

Contact Our Home Owner Claim Attorneys

At Arguello, Hope & Associates, we protect victims against the wrongful acts of insurance agencies against paying customers.  We believe that if an insurance agency is acting in bad faith, they must be held accountable for their actions in the court of law.  Our attorneys are all dedicated to getting things done for our clients in an effective manner, sometimes even using non-traditional ways.

With our headquarters located in Houston, we are licensed to serve the entire state of Texas.

Some additional locations we serve include:

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