Hail Damage

On May 16, 2010 in Oklahoma there was a hail storm which produced softball size hail.  In other areas of the state there were reports of hail the size of grapefruit.  No matter what the size of hail, it has the ability to cause a mass amount of destruction to anything in its path.

Hail is defined as a solid form of participation.  It is also commonly defined as hailstone due to its similarities to an actual stone.  Hail storms are possible during any type of thunderstorm because they require an environment featuring a strong, upward motion bringing the precipitation to freezing levels.

If your any part of your property has been damaged as a result of a hail storm, and your insurance company is not staying true to their word and covering damages, you may be eligible to receive compensation for damages to your property.

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Types of Hail Damage Insurance

Many individuals may believe that their home is completely covered by their insurance during a hail storm; however in some cases there people will find, they are not. Unfortunately, there may be different forms of insurance that cover hail damage which can be added on to any policy. Of course, these additions may vary depending on factors like; is this for your home or automobile.

The two most common types of hail damage insurance typically include:

  • Pollution Legal Liability –This focuses on the risks and costs of the potential contamination both on and off a person’s property, which was discovered while cleaning or redeveloping.  This type of insurance is typically used to cover damages to other insured parties, covered property damage and injuries associated with pollution conditions, covers policy holder if they run into pre-existing conditions, and covers legal costs associated with defending or settling a liability dispute.
  • Cost Cap – This type of insurance covers the cost over runs in the case that an environmental remediation costs more than it was initially expected.

Typically, individuals may believe that these forms of insurance are extremely expensive; however these policies are usually flexible and are able to be customized to fit the needs of each person.  Individuals must know that there are different coverage’s available to fit each budget which can eliminate and mitigate certain risks associated with ones location of property.

In addition, many coverage enhancements can also be purchased that depend on industry specific exposures. However, even with these coverage’s, your insurance company may fail to pay for the total damages caused by these hail storms, while it was included in your policy. If this has happened to you, contact us at Arguello Hope & Associates and we may be able to help you be compensated like you deserve.

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Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA)

Depending on if your property is located in one of the coastal counties in Texas, you will only be able to get windstorm and hail damage insurance from one insurance specific insurance pool named Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.  This company provides wind and hail damage coverage in the case that their insurance companies exclude it from their homeowners and other policies.

This association was created by a legislative mandate in order to provide wind and hail insurance to Texas Gulf Coast property owners in the event of a major loss.  They provide basic coverage’s with are unavailable in traditional markets, where a customer may be otherwise left to remain uninsured. As a result of being a last resort insurance provider, they do not try to expand their customer base, nor compete with the areas private insurance companies. Texas Windstorm Insurance Associations primary goal is to promote hurricane safety and education as a way to save lives and the properties of Texas residents.

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