Fire Damage

The U.S. Fire Administration reported that over 3,500 Americans are killed in a fire each year and around 18,300 are injured.  It has been stated that surviving a fire in your home is not a question of luck, rather a matter of planning ahead.

Fire damage insurance is an important part of a homeowner’s insurance policy.  Fire damages accounted for over a billion dollars in damages across the United States last year alone.  Thus, it is important to possess fire damage insurance and know whether your home is protected fully or partially.  Even so, some insurance agencies may not completely cover your home from damages.

If your home has been damaged as a result of a fire and your insurance company is not holding up to their end of the contract. You may be eligible to receive compensation for damages to your place of living.

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Texas Fire Damage Insurance Policies

Often times, Texas fire damage insurance is recognized as the primary coverage for individuals looking to protect their home, rental property, seasonal home, or other residence of non-permanent residency. It is intended for investment property owners, landlords, and homes under construction. In Texas, this type of insurance is different from homeowners insurance where the policy holder must be a permanent resident.

Most fire damage insurance policies cover:

  • Smoke and fire damage
  • Ice and hail damage
  • Lighting damage
  • Explosion damages
  • Vandalism and burglary damages
  • Damages by aircrafts and other motorized vehicles

In addition, fire damage insurance also covers items such as; countertops, woodwork, plumbing, sheds, and garages.  These types of policies may not be offered by some insurance agents in the area, so shopping around to get the proper coverage’s could be beneficial.

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Fire Damage Insurance Bad Faith

Here In Texas, there are several laws set by the state that protect its citizens against illegal insurance conduct.  Many insurance agencies attempt to bypass these laws in order to protect themselves from paying the full compensation for fire damages.

Some of the ways insurance agencies attempt to persuade individuals to believe they are not entitled to full compensation include;

  • Hiring investigative units to find reasons to blame the homeowner for the fire, in attempt to pay much less than what is actually deserved.
  • Adding unreasonable obstacles to prevent the insured individual from recovering from damages obtained during the fire.
  • Denying claims and coverage’s without proper investigation or irrationally delaying payments to the insured.

If you believe you are not receiving the agreed upon compensation, experiencing denial, undervaluation, or a significant delay, our insurance claim attorneys will provide you with the legal options and help you need to get the compensation you deserve.

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Contact An Experienced Insurance Claim Attorney

After having a devastating fire that damages everything in a home or business, the second catastrophe can be dealing with an insurance company or adjuster.  Our goal is to hold insurance companies fully accountable to their obligations and help you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. Our team of experienced insurance claim attorneys will help you with the following:

  • Total loss claims as a result from damages to the home from a fire
  • Legal representation for personal injury or fatalities as a result from a fire
  • Disputing an insurance agency that failed to investigate the fire loss thoroughly and promptly
  • Cases using thorough involvement of independent contractors, adjusters, engineers and property evaluation experts to counter biased and provide invalid estimates by the insurance agency.

If you have been a victim of fire damages, the experienced insurance claim attorneys at Arguello, Hope & Associates, can help.  We are dedicated to getting things done for clients efficiently and, sometimes, in non-traditional ways.  We live by the philosophy that anything worth doing is worth doing right.

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