Condo / Townhouse Property Claims

In general, condominium associations handle the maintenance and care of the grounds and common areas surrounding a condo building, while owners usually are responsible for any repairs necessary for the inside of their own unit. When disaster strikes, it is important to have an insurance policy in place to ensure any damage your condo or townhome sustains will be fixed in a timely manner, and without causing too much financial strain on the unit owner.

Because of the relatively small amount of space that is available to condo occupants during or immediately following a disaster, it is critical that any and all damage is repaired quickly and properly. If your insurance company tries to delay or deny your claim, you may be able to file a claim against the company.

Uncooperative insurance providers often try to pay as little as possible, especially after a widespread disaster. The compensation that is awarded following a successful settlement or verdict can help cover the costs of repairs to your unit and any subsequent damage or harm you experienced because of the disaster.

The skilled litigators of Arguello, Hope & Associates understand that a condo insurance claim denial or delay of payment can be extremely frustrating, and we fight for the rights of the victims, not the insurance companies.

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Insurance Coverage in Condo/ Townhouse Communities

An individual owner’s insurance policy will detail explicitly what items and areas of the unit are covered, which is why it is important to keep a record of all belongings covered by the policy. Keeping current photos, receipts, manuals, or other documentation will help move the claims process along and serves as indisputable proof of the existence and condition of your things.

The following is a general breakdown of what is covered by an insurance policy versus the condo association:

  • Insurance policies held by condo or townhouse association will cover exterior and structural damage as well as anything relating to maintenance of the grounds and common areas
  • Personal property insurance will cover belongings such as furniture, electronics, clothing, appliances and other valuables as detailed by the specific policy.

Multiple insurance policies can come into play when dealing with a townhouse insurance claim, which is why it is helpful to seek an experienced property insurance law firm to facilitate the claims process, or to fight for your rights if the claim is delayed or denied.

Because of the condo or townhome association’s insurance policy, oftentimes the individual unit owner’s insurance provider will try to push the liability onto the other policyholder, essentially attempting to skip out on their responsibility to pay for the damages. This behavior alone is enough to delay the claims process and could potentially allow the damage that needs to be repaired to worsen, which will cost the unit owner more money in the end.

When dealing with property claims, working with an attorney that has knowledge of the insurance industry and years of experience in insurance litigation will make an enormous difference in the claims process. An insurance company that acts in bad faith toward their policyholder is breaching their duty, and we believe this is a serious injustice for which the insurance provider should be held accountable.

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