Broken Pipe Damage

Water damage is amongst the most commonly filed homeowners’ insurance claims today. Unfortunately, this type of claim is also amongst the most confusing of insurance claims, as differentiating between the sources of water damage will directly impact whether or not the damage is covered by homeowners’ insurance. While flood damage is not covered under homeowners’ insurance, busted pipes water damage is covered.

In general, if the source of the water damage stems from inside of the house or due to any plumbing related issues, any damages should be totally covered under the insurance policy. Proving that the water damage was caused by frozen or busted pipes and that the homeowners did their best to prevent the damage from occurring is essential in the pursuit of financial recourse. Unfortunately, insurance companies will often attempt to demonstrate that the homeowner failed to resolve some sort of problem that led to the water damage.

Arguello, Hope & Associates maintains years of experience in handling first party property insurance claims. Homeowners pay a premium to their insurance companies with the knowledge that they will be covered by their insurance company in a disaster situation. Sadly, insurance companies have a reputation for failing to live up to their end of the bargain. If you or a loved one has experienced busted pipes in your home, our insurance claims attorneys are here for you.

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Preventing Busted Pipes

Frozen temperatures are one of the most common causes of busted pipes. When the water inside of a pipe freezes, it then expands and eventually bursts. Even when the ice is not a direct cause of a busted pipe, it is often a factor. For instance, in some cases specific areas of the home’s pipes freeze and then trap water with nowhere to go. After a while, pressure continues to build and the pipe eventually ruptures.

The following actions should be taken to prevent bused pipes from cold weather:

  • Seal any holes or cracks in attics or any areas where pipes are located
  • Purchase pipe sleeves to place on the pipes in the winter
  • Keep cabinets and doors closed

Insurance companies will likely attempt to prove that the homeowner failed to take every measure possible to prevent their pipes from busting. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative for homeowners to take these prevention tips seriously.

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Frozen or Busted Pipes Claim

Finding a busted pipe has flooded your home is one of the biggest disasters a homeowner faces. Being mistreated by your insurance company can add insult to injury and can cost a homeowner tens of thousands of dollars. In some cases, an insurance company may try to claim a busted pipe claim is not covered because it falls under flood insurance. In addition, the insurer may claim negligence, Act of God or any other means at its disposal to deny a claim and discourage a homeowner from re-filing.

The reality is that, aside from a fire, hurricane or other disaster, busted pipe claims can be among the most costly for an insurer to pay. Let our experienced legal staff help you manage your claim and help you get the proper settlement.

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