A statistic provided by the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2010 American Community Survey indicated that the United States immigrant population was nearly 40 million and 13 percent of the total population of 309.3 million people.

Of these individuals, they are all required to go through the United States naturalization process.  Naturalization is a process where U.S. citizenship is granted to foreign citizens or national once that individual fulfills all requirements established by Congress in the Immigration and Nationality Act.

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US Naturalization Qualifications

In order to qualify for US naturalization, an individual must have fulfilled certain criteria.  These criteria depend on a number of different factors, and when fulfilled an individual may begin the application process.  The US naturalization qualifications are as follows:

  • An individual has been a permanent resident for a minimum of five years and meets all eligibility requirements.
  • An individual has been a permanent resident for a minimum of three years or more and meets all eligibility requirements in order to file as a spouse of a United States citizen.
  • An individual has qualifying service in the United States armed forces and meets all other eligibility requirements.
  • Children may qualify for US naturalization if the parents are a US citizen, even if the child was born outside of the US, the children are residing outside the US, and all eligibility requirements have been met.

In addition, there are other methods of qualification if an individual does not meet the criteria listed above, which our attorneys can help you determine if you have grounds to begin the application process.

Requirements to Apply for Naturalization

When applying for naturalization there are certain requirements that must be passed. Individuals will be tested on these requirements and also be graded through an interview process, mentioned in the following section.

In order to be eligible for naturalization a person must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be a permanent resident for a specific amount of time, listed above
  • Possesses a knowledge of the US government
  • Has maintained a period of residency or physical presence in the US
  • Is able to read, write, and speak Basic English.

If an individual meets these requirements, they may begin the naturalization process. The basic steps of this process are listed in the naturalization category below.

Naturalization Process

There are several steps in the naturalization process, which is one of the reasons many individuals choose our attorneys to assist them.  These steps can be strenuous and if any of them are missed, an individual’s application will not be accepted and they may be required to go through the application process again.

The basic steps of the naturalization process include:

  • Completing your application and having your photograph taken
  • Having your fingerprints taken
  • Having your interview
  • Taking the oath

Once you have completed this entire process, you will receive your permanent resident card and officially become a citizen of the United States of America.

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