BP Oil Wildlife Impact

According to the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), in the first six months following the BP oil spill, more than 8,000 sea turtles, marine animals, and birds were found either injured or killed. The BP oil spill at Deepwater Horizon had massive, far reaching effects. The vast wild life impact continues to haunt this region, causing both immediate and long-term damages. The 2 million gallons of chemical dispersants that were released into the Gulf will affect the wildlife in the region for years to come.

Damaging areas above the water, below the water, and in surrounding regions, any and all wild life in the oil’s way is subject for serious harm. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service does its best to respond quickly and efficiently to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Unfortunately, however, the massive wild life impact will take many more years to regroup and may never fully recover. Understanding the widespread damage that this tragedy caused to many species of wild life will help to put the length of recovery time into perspective.

Arguello, Hope & Associates has seen firsthand just how damaging the Deepwater Horizon oil spill truly was, causing thousands upon thousands of injuries and fatalities to innocent wild life. BP oil companies BP PLC, Haliburton, and Transocean LTD are among several companies expected to be held legally responsible for the economic damages and financial losses suffered as a result of the oil rig explosion and oil spill. If you have been impacted by oil spill disaster, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

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Immediate Wild Life Impact

Rescue crews, wildlife managers, researchers, and scientists quickly arrived on scene at Deepwater Horizon to handle the immediate impact that the oil had on the wild life in the area. While the media attempted to cover the majority of what was occurring in the Gulf, it was truly impossible to capture the massive wild life impact. All kinds of animals were injured, killed, and covered in oil, needing immediate attention and care. The following were the most significant immediate damages present:

  • Bird feathers coated in oil: of the 7,000 birds gathered in the spill area, almost 3,000 of them were visibly oiled. While the total number of birds may never be known, those who were directly covered in oil lost their buoyancy and ability to control their body temperature.
  • Mammals ingesting oil: oil can affect marine animals on a variety of levels. Most notably, when direct contact with oil occurs, the chemicals tend to cause irritation and burning. In addition, those marine mammals who ingested the oil likely suffered from internal bleeding and ulcers.
  • Oilcover sea turtles: sea turtles are vulnerable to many health issues due to oil exposure. The oil causes inflammation and irritation of their skin, a burning in mucous membranes in the mouth and eyes, as well as a number of gastrointestinal, respiratory, and organ damage issues.
  • Deep sea corals covered in oil: scientists project that the coral damaged by the oil spill may take decades upon decades to recover. With such large communities of deep sea coral damaged, the Gulf may not see flourishing coral for hundreds of years.

The BP oil spill clearly had a massive immediate effect on wild life in the area. Unfortunately, these wild life issues only scratch the surface of the enormous impact that the disaster has had and will continue to have on the Gulf of Mexico. If you have suffered as a direct result of the disaster at Deepwater Horizon, Arguello, Hope & Associates is here for you.

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Long Term Wild Life Impact

Many people are under the false impression that because the oil is not visible on the surface of the Gulf anymore, the problems have subsided. However, quite the contrary is true. Oil on the Gulf floors, beaches, and wetlands will continue to plague these regions for many, many years into the future. In fact, research suggests that scientists will continue to discover more and more damages as the years go by. The following are some of the most significant long term wild life impact:

  • Populations of fish and wildlife have greatly decreased
  • The food web is now unbalanced
  • Recreation has declined substantially

From an environmental and monetary perspective, the BP oil spill was incredibly debilitating to the immediate area and the areas that surround the Gulf. The enormous cleanup effort is not over, and the results of the environmental and health issues will be diagnosed and recorded for several years to come. Have you been impacted by the BP Deepwater Horizon incident, contact Arguello, Hope & Associates today – we are here for you.

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