Niti’s Family Immigration History

April 22nd, 2014 by Niti Shah

I still remember the day I walked in on my mother crying.  I was only seven years old and we had just ended the year with less than $70 in our bank account.

My parents did everything they could to make ends meet and to provide for their children.  My father immigrated to the United States from India in the 1970s with no more than pocket change in his possession.  He attended the University of Michigan for a year before he could no longer afford it and then transferred to Wayne State University.  While he studied to become an engineer, he lived off of bread and butter and meals that he could cook in batches and then freeze.  His apartment was more akin to a hole in the wall than a place that was fit for a human being to live in.

After he graduated, my father’s work opportunities led him to Louisiana.  My parents settled down in Baton Rouge, and shortly thereafter, I was born.  We moved around a lot while my father looked for stability in his job.  I don’t remember much from this period in our lives other than the path being difficult—a number of transitions into new cities, finding new support systems and friends, new jobs and schools, and a tight cash flow.

Almost thirty years later, my parents have built lives—for themselves and for me and my two brothers—that I marvel at.  They both have stable jobs.  They live in a nice home.  They refused to let me or my brothers work and contribute to the family until we turned 18 and they refused to allow us to pay for our own education.  We never wanted for anything significant.  I am an attorney, one of my brothers works in the financial industry, and my other brother is studying to become a doctor.

I cannot imagine how difficult and draining my parents’ journey must have been for them.  And because of their hard work, I will never need to know.

While my parents’ story may be unique, I know that many people in this country face the same hardships that they did when they began their life in this country.  If you or someone you know needs assistance with an immigration problem, please give Arguello, Hope & Associates a call.  Our law firm has experienced immigration attorneys who can help you navigate the laws in this country and who are ready to help.

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