December 24th, 2013 by Martin Arguello

Houston Residential Construction Defect Attorney

After a long time of prepping and planning, including your home’s construction, you are finally ready to move in. Your blueprints have become reality, and your new home is ready to be enjoyed. Walking into your new home is a huge deal. It marks the payoff of months, even years, of hard work. You deserve it.

However, that excitement can quickly come tumbling down making way for frustration and even regret if you suddenly find construction defects throughout your new home. Failing to act quickly or trying to deal with construction workers and architects by yourself will only make the process slower. You must protect your rights. You have to hold construction developers and everyone involved accountable, and you can do so with the help of Arguello, Hope & Associates.

If You Are a Texas Homeowner, Take Action While You Still Can

Foundation issues are just the beginning of construction and home defects. Movement of soil and botched foundation pouring can create cracks in the walls and the separation of joints. Your doors may not close all the way. Floors might be uneven. Developers and workers will have likely moved on to their next construction project by the time you notice anything is wrong. This will also cause delays in rectifying the issues in your home.

Commercial Construction Defects

These issues might be a bit similar to home construction, but commercial building defects actually augment construction issues. These particular cases are more difficult to handle because they require you to attain the services of an experienced attorney. Thankfully, Arguello, Hope & Associates has the experience necessary to fight on your behalf. Arguello, Hope & Associates attorneys review thousands of documents, paying meticulous attention to detail in their search for a breach of contract, non-compliance with building codes, or an issue with insurance coverage.

Denial of Homeowner Warranty Claims

Staying within the boundaries of homeowner warranties, our firm takes a multitrack method in handling multi-structural defects. Arguello attorneys have strategies that include filing claims against the construction company and even the person or entity that sold you the warranty. If you have found a structural failure in your building or home, you need to take action immediately before the statute of limitation ends.

Houston Commercial Construction Defect Attorney

Don’t just go to any lawyer. Such an immensely complex case warrants an aggressive construction law attorney in Houston with experience, vast legal knowledge, and the ability to pay attention to every minute detail in the intense review of thousands of documents. For these difficult cases, you’ll need Arguello, Hope & Associates.

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