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Have you or someone you love been affected by the BP oil spill? If so, you or that individual may be eligible to claim compensation for any damages that may have been sustained in this environmental tragedy.

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Who Can File A Claim for Compensation?

When attempting to file a claim for compensation, it’s important to consult a reputable attorney that can help to determine if you have grounds to file a claim. The legal team of Arguello, Hope & Associates can provide that experience.

If you have suffered:

  • Lost profits
  • Damage to property or real estate
  • Personal injury (skin conditions, breathing problems, blurred vision)
  • Lost real estate value

.… stemming from this oil spill, you may be eligible to file a claim. For those that are unsure if you have sufficient grounds to commence litigation, contact us today. We offer a 100% FREE initial case review, that allows our clients to submit the details of their case to our attorneys, who will then review the information and determine the eligibility of the applicant.

If there are grounds to file, we will advise on the best way to move forward with proceedings.

About The Oil Spill

On April 20, 2010 the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling platform suffered a catastrophic, pressurized gas leak while drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. This leak then ignited and exploded causing widespread damage to the platform and resulted in damages that have been classified as the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry.

The explosion and resulting fire then caused the drilling platform to sink into the ocean while also severing important components of it’s drilling system, which prevented the plugging of the well it was drilling prior to the explosion.

With more than 4.9 MILLION barrels of oil having leaked from that damaged well, the environmental and financial impacts of this catastrophe have been extensive.

If you, your business or someone you love has experienced losses due to the effects of this oil spill, you may be eligible to receive compensation for those damages.

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Accident Causes

While there have been a number of accusations in regards to who was to blame for this tragedy, analysts from both the US Government and British Petroleum (BP) have pinpointed some specific areas that contributed to the fire and explosion.

Some of these included:

  • The premature removal of heavy mud from the drilling pipes
  • The type of cement used to cap the oil well
  • Failure of the blowout preventer

Due to these elements and a variety of other factors that are believed to have contributed to the explosion, the lives of many individuals and their families were affected by this catastrophic event.

Who Has Been Affected?

From a commercial perspective, there were three primary companies that were involved in the Deepwater Horizon accident:

  • Transocean – the company that owned the “Deepwater Horizon” drilling rig
  • British Petroleum – “BP” was the company that leased the platform from Transocean
  • Haliburton – the company that BP used to seal up the wells that the Deepwater Horizon had drilled into the sea floor.

However, it was the local impact that was felt by most Americans, as they felt the financial and environmental impacts of this tragedy well past the day the that the well was finally capped.

Some of the individuals and industries affected by the spill included (but are not limited to):

  • Commercial fishing – fisherman, oyster farms, trawlers
  • Real estate – property owners, real estate agencies, realtors
  • Hospitality – bars, restaurants, amusement parks, local stores, waitstaff, cooks
  • Tourism – hotels, car rental companies, beachside attractions

…. Amongst many others.

Another area that experienced extensive damage from this oil spill was the wildlife, flora and inland river networks that were unable to escape the millions of barrels of oil washing ashore.

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